May 242004

Welcome to my little corner of the world of web publishing. From here, I’ll pontificate about most anything that comes to mind, and the people that know me, know I always have an opinion. I’ll try to write about fun stuff, controversial stuff, and anything else about my life, the world, and the people in my world. I hope you’ll find something here to be passionate about, and will reply and comment on my posts. Believe me, I can certainly pontificate, but am not afraid of having someone disagree, and I can have my mind changed. So, visit often, and let me know what you think.


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  1. Nice page, John. I might get into something like this myself one day.
    BTW, I doubt that the GAy DAY at Disney has lept to the “biker day” at Daytona proportions, but it sounds like its getting there.

  2. Hey wild man. I would love to get around as much as you do but I’m kind of stuck in Dayton O.H. Well maybe soon I take some vacation time off to come see you. I love this site of yours. I am interested on creating my own. Will you show me how!

  3. I really like this sit John, I like to see one of us is having fun, love JULIO.

  4. Fun stuff B John…..enjoyed it immensely. Keep putting all your thoughts up there. That way, I can plan my stategies for our “discussions” on those topics on which we disagree. Fortuately, there aren’t all that many………

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