Jun 282004

Supreme Court Deals Blow to War on Terror — What a completely stupid and biased headline this is on the part of Reuters. (And this from the liberal media)?What the court did was not harm the "war on terror," but moderately reigned in the ability of King George and Bishop Ashcroft to usurp the Constitution. A more appropriate and accurate headline would have been, Supreme Court Upholds Right to Due Process. In a series of rulings, the Court basically found that the Administration could detain terror suspects, but that the suspects were intitled to challenge their detention in the courts. I fail to see how that damages the "war on terror?"

Judge Compares Bush To Hitler? — A U.S. Appeals judge has apologized for nothing more than explaining how sometimes people are put into office without winning an election just because there is an official body which can. He cited how Hindenburg installed Hitler and how the King of Italy installed Mussolini. All these things are true, and as the judge noted, King George was installed by the illegitimate act of a legitmate institution (Supreme Court). So why does he owe anyone an apology? Oops, I forgot…the truth is being held incommunicado after being declared an enemy combatant by King George.

The Veep’s Big "F" Bomb — By now I’m sure most everyone has heard about Chancellor (aka VP) Dick Cheney using the "F" word (and I don’t mean Fox News) on the Senate floor when speaking with Senator Patrick J. Leahy (D-VT), a ranking member of the Judiciary Committee. Apparently the Veep got a little testy because Sen. Leahy was a little concerned about Haliburton’s HUGE no-bid contract in Iraq (and rightfully so). Methinks the Veep protests too much. But my biggest gripe is how the Republican’s in general and this administration in particular pretends it has some kind of exclusive lock on virtue and purity, but in reality, they like to shout "fuck" just as much as the rest of us. The administration is lashing out at Democrats calling them "negative." White House Chief of Staff Andrew H. Card Jr. has previously criticized John Kerry for using the same word. Republicans in general often rant and rave about foul language in the media. Well-known Republican Bill O’Reilly said of Al Franken using the same word, "there’s something wrong with this guy!" Too bad there wasn’t a live mic around. Then we could have fined the Veep for indecency in broadcasting. When is the American public going to call a halt to the Administration total bullshit and disregard for the truth? What is it going to take? But then again, until the election, what can you do. I’m not even sure you can impeach someone that was never elected in the first place.

‘Ashcroft?s big con’It appears Bishop Ashcroft is at it again. On June 14, Ashcroft unveiled the federal indictment of Nuradin M. Abdi, a 32-year-old Somali citizen living in Ohio who was charged in a conspiracy to bomb an unidentified shopping mall in Columbus; if convicted, he could face 55 years in prison. the case against Abdi sounds pretty straightforward, typical of cases involving state witnesses: in an effort to reduce his long prison sentence, Faris must have ratted on his former partner-in-crime to federal investigators and then to a grand jury, resulting in Abdi?s indictment. Justice prevailed, and useful intelligence is making us safer. But is it? Read more about this doubtful connection.

It Just Gets More Bizzare — Lawyers…they’re everywhere the same. From News Of The Weird…James Samuel Steward suffered severe brain damage in May 1998 after he took an overdose of methadone that someone had smuggled into jail for him while he was an inmate in Goulburn, Australia. In May 2004, Steward’s parents filed a lawsuit on his behalf (because he is now unable to care for himself), claiming that it is the government’s fault that their son got tempted, in that it did not smuggle-proof the jail, and the Stewards are asking the equivalent of US$2.7 million.

The Most Important News — My friend Glenda was in a car accident this morning on the way to work. An 18 year old was booking along fast enough to break the front axle of her Altima when he ran a red light. The good news is, she’s okay, and now maybe can get her dream car…a Beatle.

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