Jul 242004

I find it astounding the number of obvious lies and misstatements being perpetrated on the American People. Obviously, they have to try to deflect some attention from their own shortcomings and lies…so they cover their own lies with other lies.

First, the Administration knows no shame in its attacks against from U.S. Ambassador Joe Wilson. He’s the one who went to Niger to investigate the possibility of Iraq having acquired WMD’s. He found out the hadn’t obtained nuclear material, but that didn’t square with the story the Bush Administration wanted to tell….so, they went on the attack. First, the White House outed Ambassador Wilson’s wife as a CIA operative. Then, when the press realized this was a serious criminal act, they decided to claim that somehow she had recommended her husband for the assignment, so that made it legal to “out” her. Now that makes no sense to me, but unfortunately some Americans are stupid enough to buy it. But before you do, think about this…if it was okay to “out” her, why hasn’t the responsible now come forward and taken responsibility for the act?

Well, all of that just didn’t make Joe go away, so now they have to make up stuff about him, try to nit pick every statement he’s ever made, and smear his good name. They are shameless.

Next is the Sandy Berger incident. No doubt if Mr. Berger removed classified documents, it was wrong. But far worse is that the Administration has sent out the attack dogs such as Rush Limbaugh to make totally false statements about this. First off, these right wing idiots are claiming the documents would prove that the Clinton Administration dropped the ball on terrorism. Well, if these are classified documents, how is that Rush et.al. know the contents of the documents. If they do, then the Bush Administration has leaked classified information…another criminal violation.

Being sure to ice the cake, they are also claiming that Berger has destroyed the documents. Since they were classified, I hope he has, but these were copies anyway. Originals remain safely in the hands of the National Archives, and other copies are available from other sources. So, its just a blatant lie. And being that originals still exist and were never destroyed, how does Berger’s actions protect the Clinton Administration?

Now all this indignation from the right is interesting in light of the problems with the Bush National Guard records. Let’s see, first the Administration claims its released everything there is, and what they released make it clear that Bush fulfilled his obligations…well, no one bought that, and some of those pesky liberal-biased media types kept at it. Oops, the rest of the records were on microfilm that had been destroyed. Sorry, I never bought that. As a person with a lot of experience with micrographics and government records, I knew there were duplicates somewhere, and miracle of miracles…they showed up.

They pretty much establish that George didn’t show up even for the light duty daddy had arranged for him, but that liberal media press is just ignoring the story. I wonder why?

So, the lies and deception continue, and people still listen to Rush Limbaugh and believe his blatant lies. How stupid does one have to be to guy into that? All this is an attempt to get you to watch the left hand, so you don’t know what they are doing with the right hand.

And if all that weren’t enough, George is now claiming to be the “Peace President.”

Iraq never happened. I swear to you, this war and its disastrous aftermath never happened is the new official line. Down the memory hole. Never happened. You dreamed the whole thing. Iraq is now like Ken Lay and Chalabi. They never heard of it. Only met it once. Besides, Iraq contributed to their opponents.

According to The New York Times, “several Republicans,” presumably speaking for the Bush campaign, noted that American casualties in Iraq are down from last month. Actually, that is quite untrue. Forty-two Americans were killed in Iraq in June, presumed to be an unusually bloody month because it was leading up to the big handover of sovereignty. As of July 21, 43 more Americans have been killed in Iraq, with 10 days still to go in the month.

Total number of Americans killed so far is 901, but the new line is: What War? We turned it over to the Iraqis, see? Presto, it disappears, just like magic. It’s their problem now. Doesn’t have anything to do with us. Bush is out campaigning by calling himself “the peace president.” Honest. “He repeated the words ‘peace’ or ‘peaceful’ many times, as he had done increasingly in his recent appearances,” reported The New York Times from Iowa this week.

Watch the media compliantly take up this line. Truly fascinating. We’re also getting a new round of “9-11 was all Clinton’s fault anyway.” I don’t think this one will work for the R’s. It’s kind of pitiful, after four years, to still go around saying, “It’s all Clinton’s fault.”

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