Jul 302004

Its hard to not get caught up in the passions of this particular campaign, and I want this blog to be about much more than that, so here’s an effort to report something more important than the election.

Two friends of ours have recently been diagnosed with cancer. One is the mother of one of our best freinds, Mike Pudney. His mother Annie had a spot on her lungs that turned a pretty agressive form of cancer, and its pretty involved. She’s been in the hospital for quite some time, including some recovery from some serious surgery. Annie is a lot of fun. She has this really sharp wit she doesn’t show off often, but when she does, in her quiet way, she’ll have you rolling in the floor laughing.

Another person is one of my dear friends from the days when I was more involved with AIIM. Barabara, out in Houston, has a form of Hodgkins, and they’ve discovered another form of cancer as well. Barb is another person with a great sense of humor, and an incredibily fun loving person you just wan to hang out with.

Barabara reports her progrnosis to be good, and her strong faith is carrying her along. She’s tolerating the treatments pretty good so far. Annie is doing okay, may get to come home in the next few days, but her prognosis is not so good.

So, keep these two friends of mine in your prayers and thoughts.

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