Jul 262004

I’m really disappointed that the only thing Karl Rove, Bush’s main campaign operative, can come up with against John Edwards is that he’s a successful trial lawyer and has nice hair. Two traits that make me want to vote against him…yessireee.

However, sometimes we do run amouk with our litigation. According to the New York Times a while back, Barbara Carlisle and her parents sued two companies saying the companies had overcharged them by $1,224 for installation of two satellite dishes.?The jury found in favor of the Carlisle’s and awarded them (drum roll please) $581 million in damages. The great american retirement account…litigation.

At least the judge dismissed the most recent suit in a long series filed by Donald Drusky of East McKeesport, Pa. It seems that Donald has been filing lawsuits against CSX for ruining his life when they fired him back in 1968. Talk about holding a grudge. And since going after CSX wasn’t enough to occupy his time, Drusky sued "God … the sovereign ruler of the universe" for taking "no corrective action" against any of Drusky’s enemies and demanded that God compensate him with professional guitar-playing skills and the resurrection of his mother. (Pittsburg Post Gazette).

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