Jul 192004

It was a rainy day here in Tampa. It rained all weekend, and went on today. But, we needed it. Besides, strangely I like rainy Monday’s. Sort of helps me get back in the mood for work.

Recently I found a good website for information on politics, The Center for American Progress. I get a daily newsletter, and today they had some information about the strain the two wars are putting on the National Guard and Reserve system. One of the things brought home is something mentioned in Michael Moore’s movie, Farenheit 9/11.

As usual, when it comes to the current administration, the rhetoric is one thing while their actions are just the opposite. Moore showed a clip of Bush talking about supporting the military, but Moore offers up some of George’s proposed cuts that affect the military and veterans, such as closing VA Hospitals.

In today’s message from the Center for American Progress, they report that The Army Reserve is facing a $280 million shortfall in their training budget. This cut was proposed by the Bush Administration.?Because of this cut, all training drills for shoulders will have to be cancelled by next spring.

The Bush Administration formally opposed giving Guard and Reserve soldiers access to the Pentegon’s TRICARE Health Insurance plan.

As an example of the toll being taken, the article cites an Indiana National Guard unit. They used to have an 85% reenlistment rate. Recently, two thirds of the battalion did not reenlist. Maybe they should go ahead and reenlist, just go to Alabama and work on Bush’s campaign. Then they won’t really have to do anything.

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