Jul 152004

According to a report in USAToday, Tom Ridge has announced the end of the CAPPS II data collection program for travelers. Gee, it only took Tom $100 million to find out that the privacy concerns were too great and effectiveness was non-existent. Boy, I sure hope Tom and his team don’t need a lot more training.

However, I found comments later in his announcement to be threatening. I believe they could be construed as attempting to blackmail travelers into participating in the “Registered Traveler” program. According to the report, Ridge said that a new program with a different name might be initiated in the future, but that if enough people volunteer to provide information through the “Registered Traveler” program (can you say, “zee papers pleezze”), there wouldn’t be a need.

And lets don’t forget Ridge’s inquiries about how he might be able to cancel elections. Ah, that one slipped out, so Condi had to get on the stump and reject that idea…to bad King George…got caught on that one for a change.

This administration continues it march toward a totalitarian government, and we all sit idly by, and let Fox News tell us how great it all is…ain’t life grand.

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