Aug 192004

Its interesting the this John O’Neill guy picked the name, Swift Boat Veterans for Truth, since he’s not very concerned with the truth.

His most recent lies came during a Fox News Interview by Britt Hume. O’Neill has been claiming that he’s neither a Democrat nor a republican. He was asked by Hume about $15,000 in contributions to republican candidates, but O’Neil claimed these contributions were made by his law partner.

FEC records do show contributions by O’Neill’s law partner, Edward J. O’Neill, but they also show the contributions listed by John O’Neill. At first, he had claimed the contributions were made by his law firm, but then when he realized that would have been an illegal contribution, his story suddenly changed.

He claims he’s contributed more to Democrats?than republicans, but no record either nationally or locally has been found documenting such contributions. He clerked for a Nixon supreme court justice, and has been active in the Harris County, TX republican party. Election records there show he votes in the republican primaries.

He’s a good fit to be working in the Bush campaign. The truth just really doesn’t matter to him, despite the name of his organization.

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