Aug 192004

Those of you that remember the 2000 election will remember that Rep. Kathering Harris, then Secretary of State, was the one doing all she could to get Jeb’s big brother elected. Well, she also got herself elected to Congress (go figure).

Her district was one of the hardest hit by the recent hurricane, but, like her mentor, George, she’s been AWOL. Apparently it took her until Tuesday to make an appearance in her district.

According to a columnist in the local paper, "Harris hit those counties on Tuesday for the first time. She said she was in Sweden over the weekend attending a family wedding. When she heard about the destruction, she cut short her stay in Europe and headed home. "

She went on to say that if she’d shown up any earlier, people would have accused of her having a political motive.

Darn it, she had to cut short her trip to Sweden because of that damned Mother Nature. Sounds like another candidate for "Rich Kids Who Can’t Catch a Break."

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