Sep 262004

I just wanted to get out a quick update. Its about 6pm, and it appears we have survived nearly unscathed. There is still some blustery wind, and its still raining, but I believe the worst is over. Jeanne has been a tropical storm for several hours now, and is moving to the north at about 10mph.

The power popped on and off about three or four times, but we’ve kept power and cable throughout (at least so far). During the quiet time of the eye, we went over to some friends’ house that live nearby, and played some cards. Lay wants to go to St. Pete to check on his folks, but we’ve decided to wait until about 6:30 for that. While the Gandy Bridge is open, I’m sure the wind gusts we are still getting would make it a little hairy getting across.

The damage assessment seems okay. I’ve got one small limb down in the back yard, and the usual bags and bags of twigs, sticks, and leaves. I did notice during some of the worst of the wind that I have a corner shingle loose on the utility shed in the backyard, so that will require some repair.

Three houses up the street, a large tree feel in the neighbors front yard. It feel towards the street rather than their house. It has the power lines there stretched taunt, but they don’t seem to be broken, and it wasn’t tall enough to block the street.

The rain was steady throughout, but I only had to lower the pool once during the storm, and now its back to about the normal level.

So far, things are okay.

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