Sep 172004

During a speech in Hamilton, NJ, the mother of?a soldier killed in Iraq was handcuffed, lead away and charged with trespassing after she began shouting questions to First Lady Laura Bush.

Because of the "ticketing" system in use by the Bush administration to avoid having to face real Americans, she obviously passed their vetting process, and should have been able to be there. Of course, the Constitution was suspended by the Bush Administration a while back, so protesting the administration’s actions is apparently illegal now.

I spoke with with a Sgt. in the Hamilton Police Chief’s office. I first asked if it were true that a lady was arrested yesterday for protesting at a speech there by Laura Bush. He answered, "Yes." So I went to ask if that meant it was illegal to protest against the current administration in Hamilton, NJ. He said it was not, but when I reminded him of his answer to my first question, he got a bit belligerant. Of course he finally said it was not about a protest, but that she was arrested for trespassing. I guess if you are not of the right political persuasion, you be on the property where a public event is being held.

The lady in the story says she had a ticket to be there, but this officer said he did not know whether or not she had a ticket. It would seem to me the charge would most likely hinge on that piece of information…so I find it interesting the police department in Hamilton didn’t seem to care about knowing that piece of information. But of course, when it comes to his administration, clearly the government of Hamilton, NJ is not worried about the Constitution or the rights of people to disagree with their government. Most likely, the charges will later be dropped when the press is no longer watching. Their intent was just to avoid having someone in the current administration challenged.

The morale of the story is, don’t visit or do business in Hamilton, NJ unless you are in total agreement with the current administration. All others are trespassing. I would also suggest we all stay after the Press to followup on this story. If the charges are subsequently dropped, I think we should contribute to the ACLU to help the lady file a lawsuit against the town. For those of us in here in the Tampa Bay area…this is not unlike previous actions by our illustrious law enforcement down here. You’ll recall they arrested a couple at a Bush rally down here just for wearing anti-Bush T-Shirts.

Am I the only one seeing a disturbing pattern here? Where is Congress and a very thorough investigation? Even Republicans with the slightest shred of decency and respect for our Constitution should be appalled at this kind of behaviour, and the Township of Hamiliton probably deserves to have to pay a multi-million dollar settlement.

You can read about the story on CNN here.

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