Sep 172004

I sent the members of the Hamilton, NJ Town Council a link to my recent post concerning the arrest of a protester at a Republican event there. Councilman Dan Benson was kind enough to respond to that article.

Councilman Benson is part of a group of Democrats who have recently overcome longstanding Republican control of Hamilton, and they now have a completely Democratic City Council. He believes that John Kerry will win in Hamilton, and is giving his time and leadership skills to that effort in his town.

While Councilman Benson did not elaborate on the event, he states, “We welcome the exercise of free speech in Hamilton.” I am hoping the City Council will call to task the local police department there for acting as henchmen for the Bush campaign.

I do have to give him credit for visiting the blog, reading the article, and taking time to respond. I thought that was big of him, and my opinion of Hamilton has gone up appropriately.

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