Sep 022004

Click to view the image full sizeIt appears the Hi pressure system isn’t weakening, so the 11am storm track posted by the Hurricane Tracking Center has the center line shifted west some. This brings the storm closer to Tampa, but its a little hard to guage their scale. For those of you not familiar enough with Florida to know where Tampa is (since their map doesn’t show cities), the line drawn from the 8am Sunday text to the eye location goes right through Tampa Bay there on the coast.

Right now, Frances has hurricane force winds out 80 miles from the storm. Of course, it will hopefully begin deteriorating the minute it hits land in south Florida. Hopefully, by the time it gets to us, the worst we’ll get is the rain, and low end tropical storm force winds.

It looks as if we’ll be effected from Friday night through most of the day Sunday, and hopefully it will be clearing out by Sunday afternoon. We had planned a party here at the house for Monday, but since we could lose power, and have a mess to clean up (hopefully just in the yard), we’ve decided to reschedule that.

Also, here is a link to the most recent FEMA advisory.

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