Sep 252004

Its been a great couple of days in paradise. I know have something of a small sink hole in the greenway in front of the house. What fun that was. Friday morning Lay took my truck to school. I took his to run an errand. We usually park it up on the greenway rather than just on the street. I was pulling in when suddenly the rear of the car just dropped.

I couldn’t imagine what was going on, as the truck wouldn’t move. I got out to look and found the car sitting on the chasis with the right rear wheel in a huge hole. Of course, it took a wrecker to get it out.

It was right in line with the sewer line. I’ve called the City, and someone came by and dug around in it. They also marked the line on the street, but I didn’t know they were there, so I haven’t a clue what they found. The hole is now about 3 1/2 feet across and about four feet deep. I sure hope its their problem and not mine. They put a street barricade over the hole, and left. Who knows, with all the problems we are having around town, when someone will be back. And I’m concerned about what can happen if this hole fills up during the upcoming visit from Jeanne.

Click to view the image full sizeAnd of course that’s my lead in to discuss the upcoming storm. Hurricane Jeanne has been meandering as a fairly weak storm out in the Altantic for some time now. This included a loop back around on itself. Now its finally headed in, and by gaining some speed in its forward motion, it is not waiting until a large high pressure to the north can clear out. That means its tracking across the state much like Frances did.

Its been overcast all day, and the wind has been steadily increasing throughout the day. The weather service has been shifting the track more westward all day, so we’re going to definitely get a lot of rain and tropical storm force winds. I’m anticipating a power loss for some period of time. Of course, if the track continues to the west for longer than planned, we’d get a full hit.

I was out about 9am getting the yard mowed. I’ve put away all the outdoor furniture (again), and made to obligatory trip to the grocery store for bread and ice. Now I’m getting the laundry done, and trying to relax a little. I don’t think tomorrow will be very relaxing.

I’m ready for a break from all this.

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