Sep 092004

So much for my vacation this week. Of course last weekend was a total washout with Frances meandering through. We lost power for about 18 hours, and have now had friends and their dogs staying with us the rest of this week, as they don’t yet have power restored.

Since we didn’t have power Monday, I didn’t want to be out in the extreme heat we had cleaning the yard, so I didn’t get started on that. About 15 bags of debris and a big stack of limbs later, the back yard is cleaned up. One of my projects for this week was pressure washing the decks. I worked on that yesterday and this morning. So, cleanup is complete just in time for Ivan to arrive.

I’m not posting the current track, because its already been moved around significantly four times in the past 12 hours. Its gone from coming right up the coast, just as Charley had been forecast, and aiming right at Tampa, to being moved a good ways east that would have merely given us tropical depression force winds, to back to coming ashore just north of Naples and going just to our east with hurricane force winds.

I was feeling better after seeing this morning’s track, with it going more east, but now I’ve got to start thinking about preparing all over again for a major event. Of course the problem now is it will arrive sometime early Tuesday morning, and I am supposed to be back at work. I’m sure another power outage is in the offing, if not worse.

This is really old, and I’m really pissed about the lost vacation. I can’t string together a week all that often, and when I do its for visiting friends and family, and probably around some holiday. This was supposed to be my week to actually relax, do some small chores around the house, and get in some reading. Well, none of that is going to happen. Lots of people have it a lot worse, and I realize that, but I really needed this time off to be time for R&R…not recovering from and preparing for hurricaneS.

The other concern is that, as these things keep coming, sooner or later we get the direct hit.

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