Sep 262004

The wind continues to pick up. The eye is about 60 miles away, and looks as if it is finally turning somewhat northward. But we are still going to have some increasing sustained winds.

The rain has been steady, but not as bad as I expected. I’m about to have to lower the water in the pool. The wind is so strong it can actually pile the water up on one end of the pool and hold it there for a several seconds. I don’t mean a wave, I mean the water gets pushed up and held during some of the hardest gusts.

Click here to view Real Media ClipWe have a few larger limbs down now, and some of the gusts we are getting are just unbelievable. I can’t seem to catch one of the hardest ones on a video clip, but I’ve provided another clip from the front porch. You can view it by clicking on the photo.

We still have power and cable, which is amazing me. I realize during the pervious storms, a lot of the most threatening limbs came down, but with the wind like its been, I’m amazed. Of course, the worst of the wind is yet to come. We’ll probably start getting on the backside around 2pm, and we should be mostly clear of things around 7pm.

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