Sep 012004

With large parts of Florida still trying to recover from Hurricane Charley, we now have to be worried about Frances. Frances is now skirting the eastern most islands of the Bahama s, and is most definitely headed this way with a huge wind mass nearly twice as large as Charley. Frances is packing sustained winds of 140 miles per hour, and may increase to a category 5 Hurricane by landfall Friday.

Right now the track brings it in around Vero beach, and then takes it right up the center of the state. Because of the size of the storm, should it follow this track, we will still tons of rain and tropical storm force winds of 59-70 miles per hour.

We still have most of our preparations from three weeks ago, but because of the amount of the rain threat may do some sandbagging around our back door. And of course we’ll have to do all the usual stuff to batten down the hatches.

We were planning a party for Monday (Labor Day), but I’m thinking of cancelling that. We could be without power then. I’d previously planned to take off the week after Labor Day. I may need that to clean up the yard and house, but lets hope not. The last tropical storm that came through was two days before my housewarming party. I had everything cleaned up in time for that.

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