Sep 222004

After having slammed into the coast of Alabama and the Florida pan handle, Ivan meandered up through the eastern states wrecking havoc with flooding rains and spawning tornados. And now its returned to visit central Florida.

That’s right. Ivan degraded to all the way to a low pressure disturbance, moved eastward off the coast, took a turn to the south and looped back to come across central Florida Monday to bring some rain showers. It wasn’t any big deal here, but it?did dump some serious rain over in the Melbourne area. Now, it moves off into the gulf with the possibility of strengthening again into a tropical depression.

Here in Florida, we continue to watch the tropics, as there are several systems out there. Karl continues wondering north, and doesn’t appear to pose any threat to land. No one seems to have a clue what Jeanne is going to do next. The models have gone from having her do a loop in the Altantic, to now having a very wide forecast cone tracking towards the eastern U.S. The center track brings Jeanne close to the South Carolina Coast by Monday morning. Accuweather has Jeanne making landfall Tuesday morning right around Wilmington, NC. But the probability cone is very wide for Jeanne.

Further out in the Atlantic, Lisa is making her way westward, and while gaining some strength, conditions may prevent her from becoming too strong a storm. In fact, there is some chance Lisa could be swallowed by another system forming up right behind. This system has not sufficiently organized to be named yet. The NOAA map (shown here) has Lisa going a little more north. Accuweather has Lisa staying on a more westerly track.

Good grief, I was hoping I was through writing about hurricanes!

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