Sep 172004

Well, in most insurance policies, mine included, you pay your deductible for each occurance of a hurricane. My deductible, like most deductibles in FL is quite high when it comes to "Hurricane related wind damage." And if you got hit by both hurricanes, you’ll be expected to pay two deductibles.

Some folks in Orlando and other areas, are now being expected to ante up two deductibles. So, lets say that Charley went through and opened a hole in your roof. Then Frances comes plodding along and dumps a bunch of rain in it before you have time to effect repairs. Well, even though the rain and additional wind damage was really the result of damage from the first hurricane, the insurance expects you pay upwards of $8,000 or so (depending on the value of your home), before they start paying anything at all.

Gov. Jeb wants to call a special session of the legislature to address the issue…which should be done. However, given the republican control of government (read as "big business control"), I wouldn’t expect much. After all, as noted in this article, insurance industry executives, not suprisingly, think the current system works just fine…thank you very much.

So, don’t look for a lot to happen, but if you are caught in this trap, do not be afraid or intimidated to file a complaint with the Financial Services Department here in FL. They oversee the insurance industry. And remember, make yourself a pain in the ass to the insurance company. They’ll eventually decide its better to arrive at a settlement than spend hours and hours on the phone or in person with you. Also, find the NOAA tracking maps and assure that the storm was still a hurricane when it passed through your area. I’m no lawyer, but I think if the storm was no longer a hurricane when it go to your area, the hurricane deductible might not apply.

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