Sep 012004

I’ve done my best to try to figure out how John McCain can actually support this President. Certainly Sen. McCain is a loyal Republican, but what the Bush machine did to him in South Carolina must be unforgivable. How in world can McCain stump for Bush? How could he possibly forgive the smear campaign run by Karl Rove.

John McCain is a good man. He is decent and loyal, and has sacrificed for this country in ways most of us can never comprehend. He has continued to serve honarbly as a U.S. Senator. He must know that the Bush Administration has lied to the American public…about Iraq, and many other things. If he is the person I believe him to be, he must be crying in his heart.

I know it might be more his loyalty to the party than to Bush. After all, this is the "Republican" Convention. And as I watched the speech, I noticed McCain just didn’t seem to have his heart totally into it.

Karl Rove realizes they can’t allow McCain to slip off the reservation and fail to support Bush. That would be devastating to the campaign. Even if McCain didn’t come out in support of Kerry, he was probably close to not supporting George.

The only explanation that seems to make sense to me is a desperate deal made by the Bush campaign. Clearly the Iraq war has not gone well, and the prison scandal is Iraq is slowly creeping up the chain of command at the Pentagon. The Swift Boater’s attack is somewhat backfiring, and the last thing Bush needs is more attention to much of anything military.

I believe the Bush has cut a deal with John McCain. I suspect that in exchange for McCain’s support, they have set up a scenario where just after the election Rumsfeld will be told to fall on his sword and John McCain wil then be named the new Secretary of Defense. As much as I would like to think John McCain would be above such deal making, I can see McCain justifying the "deal with the devil" by believing he’s more moderate and better prepared to lead the miitary than the current Pentagon administration.

Time will tell. I certainly have no inside sources. I’m just a poor document management consultant way down here in Florida. So this is just my idea of a possible explanation for McCain’s interest in supporting the Bush Campaign, but if true, remember you heard it hear first.

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  1. 4 more years. mCcain must know that kerry, would not make a good leader (flip-flop)

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