Oct 272004

You gotta love the fact that Bush’s handpicked Prime Minister for Iraq is now criticizing U.S. Forces and blaming us for their terrorists problems. Its pretty much true, but I’m pretty sure the Bush Administration didn’t have this in their plan.

Prime Minister Ayad Allawi blamed American-led military forces on Tuesday for the weekend massacre of 49 freshly trained Iraqi soldiers by insurgent forces in Iraq. In a speech before the interim National Assembly, Allawi accused multinational forces of "major negligence," saying, "It was a way to damage Iraq and the Iraqi people." Allawi’s criticism "marked the first time he has publicly criticized the American-led forces, disclosing his profound frustration at the assault and perhaps the deteriorating security situation as well." The Bush administration has tried to downplay Allawi’s accusations, but an anonymous official told the New York Times his division was "baffled by the utter lack of protection given the Iraqi soldiers."

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