Oct 252004

So, were you wondering where I’d gone. I was actually out of town most all of last week, and the weekend wound up being rather busy, so…obviously not much got psoted here.

I did hand deliver my ballot to the Elections Office here in Tampa, Monday before leaving. I was in Rockville, MD Tuesday through Friday getting some training on a recent release on some of the content management software we re-sell. Fortunately, we had the best trainer they have. She’d quit training for a year or so, but was back.

It was cool and rainy the entire week while I was up there. I did drive around to Reston one night to have dinner with a few friends from the office.

Hopefully, this week will be relative quiet. I’m about to go out and put out the Halloween decorations. I have lots of evening chores, and some blogging to catch up on.

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