Oct 272004

I think its probably time for another of those Citizen Initiated Constitutional ammendments here in Florida.? I think we need one that makes the Secretary of State an elected official. And, to ensure this person be as non-partisan as possible, I would impose some qualifications:

  • Candidates may not have previously held any elected office.
  • Candidates may not have worked in any paid capacity for a political party, political candidate or elected official.
  • Candidates may not accept financial support or any in-kind contributions from other candidates, elected officials or political parties.
  • The term for Secretary of State will be six years, and a person my serve no more than two terms.
  • Once elected, the SoS may not run for any other elected office for a period of six years after leaving office.

I realize it may be hard to get people to buy into number 5. Maybe I could be a little flexible on that one, but I think imposing these qualifications would do as much as can be done to make the position as non-partisan as possible.

Anyone else have any ideas?

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