Oct 272004

I was reading an article yesterday basically saying that, in general, the less educated a person, the more likely they are to vote for Bush. I can believe it, and I can believe that the Bush campaign is counting on us being so stupid we’ve totally forgotten how they used Lawyers and the U.S. Supreme Court last election to subvert the will of the people. Remember, George was appointed by the Supreme COURT, not elected by the voters.

In one of the most appalling examples of hypocracy I’ve ever seen, Republican officials are saying in a Washington Times article that Democrats are prepared to use lawyers and the court system to change the election outcome in 2004. Now why would we let them get away with making that claim…the Repulicans of all people.

Mr. Bush’s campaign manager, Ken Mehlman, yesterday predicted that Mr. Kerry would employ "fraud, intimidation and lawsuits" in an attempt to overturn a Bush victory on Tuesday. He said if Democrats lose at the ballot box, they would use lawyers "to try to shoehorn a victory."

"What you’re seeing is an attempt, through lawsuits and through intimidation, by Democrats to convert their allies’ registration fraud (lets see who’s doing voter registration?fraud…as a famous English poet once said, "Me thinks he doth protest too much.")?into voter fraud on Election Day," he said. "What you’re going to see is an attempt by them, regardless of what the outcome is, to say: ‘It’s unfair. We’re going to sue.’ "

Republican National Committee (RNC) Chairman Ed Gillespie said the lawsuits are part of a Democratic plan to "use lawyers and baseless allegations to skew the results in their favor." He said the RNC thinks that "no legitimate voter should be disenfranchised, either by being denied a vote or by having an honest vote canceled out by a fraudulent vote."?

Mr. Gillespie said teams of Democratic lawyers will seek to change the rules in ways that would make it easier to engage in systematic voter fraud on Election Day.?

"The American people should be confident that legitimate voters casting legitimate votes determine the outcome of this election," he said.

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