Oct 272004

Voter Outreach of America ? a front group run by Republican operative Nathan Sproul and financed with more than $600,000 from the RNC ? hired Tyrone Mrasek to register voters. The LA Times reports, Mrasek "was given a written script to ask people whether they favored Bush or Sen. John F. Kerry. To those favoring the Massachusetts senator, Mrasek replied that he was just taking a poll and thanked them for stopping." He was told to offer registrations to people who favored Bush and tell them "George Bush really needs your help this election." There was a backup plan for anyone who inadvertently signed up a Democrat: outside Sproul’s office Mrasek "found a stack of signed registrations for Democratic voters in a trash can." Similar stories of partisan dirty tricks by Sproul have been documented in Oregon, West Virginia and Pennsylvania.

And the Republican operatives have the nerve to accuse the Democrats of voter registration fraud!

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