Nov 022004

I must say, when they’re cruising through elections, it’s all inclusion and compassion and ‘reaching out’ (as that idiotic phrase has it). But when things are going south the GOP is truly the party of Jim Crow. There’s no other way to put it –? out on the Indian reservations in South Dakota, in the inner city neighborhoods across the upper Midwest and in various other ways.

I like to think of myself as fairly hardened to this stuff. But it’s bracing to actually see it happening, even though it’s all from the Rove playbook. You can see on the commentary this evening that Bush is hemorrhaging. But these guys aren’t prepared to lose. And they are going to amazing lengths that even I have a hard time believing.

It’s ugly. And it’s all starting to come down now.

The main thing to do is to just go vote. This is more about creating an atmosphere of fear and concern to keep people away from the polls to begin with. The Democrats have people and a plan in place if you experience problems.

Show George Bush that democracy begins at home in your polling place, and DO NOT let the Republican party keep you from exercising one of the few rights they haven’t taken from you yet. I love today’s B.C. Comic which has a "Wiley’s Dictionary" installment. According to Wiley the definition of "Ballot" is "A love song to your country."


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