Nov 142004

Well, any hope that Bush might mellow a little as a lame duck went away this week with his appointment of John Ashcroft’s replacement. Bush proved Wednesday his personal contempt for the Constitution?by replacing one hater of the U.S. Constitution with another – nominating right-wing zealot Alberto Gonzales to replace his head Nazi – John Ashcroft – as attorney general.

Gonzales, as White House counsel, wrote the infamous memo that said U.S. soldiers in Iraq did not have to follow the rules of the Geneva Convention – the memo that led those in charge of the war to think prisoners could be tortured, abused and humiliated.

This is the same Alberto Gonzales who calls the Constitution an “outdated document,” who advocates holding Americans without cause, incommunicado and without any right to counsel or freedoms that used to be taken for granted.

Bush is, and always will be, a despot, a tyrant who could very well destroy a Republic that has stood for 200-plus years. During the next four years, Bush can stack the Supreme Court with his kind of goose-stepping justices to carry out his mission to destroy the Constitution and send America back into a Puritan age where heretics are hung, dissension is banned and freedom is expendable.

Sadly, there isn’t much we can do about it except resist whenever possible and pray that America can survive four more years with Bush at the helm. Maybe those who oppose his tyranny can rise up and boot enough Republicans out of Congress in the mid-term elections in 2006 to return some balance to government

America faces many dangers from its enemies and the number of enemies we face increases daily because of Bush’s reckless actions. But America faces no greater danger or enemy than the pill-popping heretic who occupies 1600 Pennsylvania Avenue.

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