Nov 142004

Click for a full size viewI guess the Holiday Season sort of officially started for me last night. A friend of ours, BR, builds a large gingerbread house each year for a charity sell over in Clearwater, and last night was the "unveiling."

This is something he started about 15 years ago, and its a big deal for him each year. This is the first one I’ve seen that he’s done, and it was really something. I was very impressed. It is quite large, and even had two lighted Christmas Trees inside the house. Everything is edible except the lights on the tree. He says they sell for around $400 earch year.

Click for a full size view.This is a big deal for BR. He’s even modified the gingerbread recipe to hold up better to the Florida humidity. He does the design himself, and sketches them out before deciding on the one to do each year. This one has dormers, and french doors. The detailing is really astonishing.

Last night, BR invited a few of us over to see the finished product before delivering it to the show today. We toasted the holiday season with some champagne and cheese and crackers, then went to Click to view the image full sizedinner. So, like I said, I guess it was sort of the beginning of the holiday season.

I’ve attached some photos. You can click the thumbnails to see them full size. As you can see, I have one that includes BR next to his creation to give you an idea of how large it is.

It was a very nice way to spend a Saturday evening, and a nice way Click for a full size viewto start slipping into the spirit of the holidays. Fortunately, I have not yet encountered too much of the slap in the face sort of holiday treatment from the retail stores. I think maybe they’re holding off a little, and that would be a very good thing. I think spending the time with friends is a much better way of getting into the holiday spirit.

I hope you can get to ease into things in such a nice way.

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