Dec 132004

USA Today reports “The Bush administration’s effort to create a national database of potential terrorist targets such as dams, pipelines, chemical plants and skyscrapers is far behind schedule and may take years to finish.” Members of Congress who have seen parts of the classified list “say it’s a haphazard compilation that includes water parks and miniature golf courses but omits some major sites in need of security.” Bush instructed the department to develop a database of sites and set priorities to protect them a year ago, but very little progress has been made. Rep. Ernest Istook, (R-OK), a member of the House Homeland Security Committee, called the list a “joke.”

Gotta be sure we protect Bushworld’s miniature golf course and their waterpark. Where else can Cheney and Rummy send W to play so he’ll be out of their hair? It takes concentration to figure out world domination.

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