Jan 302005

Just a few days ago, I wrote about how stupid the world had become with James Dobson and his Focus On The Family Group joining the ranks of the totally stupid, by attacking the cartoon character, Spongebob Squarepants for working to advance the “homosexual agenda.” This exclusive club was founded by Jerry Falwell, the detective who ferreted out Tinky Winky as a homosexual because of his triangular antenna, purple color and purse.

As an update to the Dobson story, once it hit the media and gave him the headlines he so desired, it quickly became apparent how stupid he sounded. So now he?s attacking the very media who gave him the headlines, and somehow trying to make his stupidity be the makings of the media.

Well, as stupid as Dobson’s obsession about the sexual proclivities of an undersea sponge and his starfish sidekick is, it didn’t take long for the Bush administration to come along with their own effort to prove me wrong. It CAN get more stupid.

In her very first official act as the new Secretary of the Department of Education, Margaret Spellings attacked a cartoon Rabbit named Buster. The premise for the show is that cartoon Buster visits real people all over the country to learn about what people do and where they live. Apparently Buster had the audacity to visit a little girl to learn about how maple syrup is made in Vermont. Coincidentally, the little girl had two lesbians as parents. God forbid we should be exposed to maple syrup.

So, thanks to the Bush administration. In the real world, we have children walking to and from school in literal fear for their lives, children coming to school hungry and without the supplies they need. We have schools short of teachers and classrooms, and even children under bridges and in cardboard boxes, but in Bushworld, the most pressing issue for the Department of Education is who a cartoon rabbit happens to visit.

Apparently Sec. Spellings demanded that PBS return the money provided by her Department for production of the show. I didn?t know those were the rules. I didn’t realize it was okay to ask for you money back when you didn’t like how it was spent. So, at least Sec. Spellings educated me. I plan to let her know, personally, that I want the money the government has spent on the war in Iraq, provided to faith-based organizations, and all that I’ve given to the NSA, Department of Justice, Whitehouse, Congress, State Department and Education Department returned to me immediately. I don’t like any of the stuff they’ve done with my money.

Please join me in letting Sec. Spellings know how you feel about her priorities.

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