Jan 182005

Well, the City of Washington, D.C., what some might consider a terrorists target, isn’t supposed to spend its homeland security money on protecting the City and it’s residents, but on providing the security for Bush’s inaguration.

But don’t worry, you don’t have to pay for the entire thing. W’s closest corporate benefactors are taking care of that, and I’m sure they’re not expecting much in return.

For industries itching to benefit from this administration’s policies, President Bush has found a perfect way for them to get their backs scratched ? but they first have to pay up. "At least 88 companies and trade associations, along with 39 top executives" have donated nearly half of the money needed for the Bush Inauguration Committee to reach its $40 million goal for the lavish four-day celebration. Practically all of the substantial donors have either already "benefited from Bush administration policies" and/or stand to receive windfall profits from the second-term policy proposals. While the committee has voluntarily capped contribution maximums to $250,000, it has turned a blind eye (but extended an open hand) to overachievers who circumvent this limit, willfully allowing them to donate both through a parent company and its subsidiaries. How have corporations managed to pour in all this money without having their fun spoiled by those pesky campaign finance reform laws? The laws do not apply to inaugurations.

You know, over 150,000 people died in the recent Tsunami. We’ve committed $35m to help the survivors, but we’re going to spend over $40m to throw W a party. Can one person be more selfish and self-centered?

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