Feb 222005

Ahmed Abu Ali, an American citizen who has been held in Saudi Arabia for the past 20 months without ever being charged, has been released to American custody per the demands of the Justice Department. It is far from a happy homecoming. The parents of Ali are embroiled in a lawsuit against the United States government in which they assert that their son’s arrest in Saudi Arabia had been under the direction of U.S. authorities and that he continues to be held on false pretenses. Making their case has been difficult since not only is the Justice Department yet to reveal its evidence let alone the charges against Ali, but now the administration’s attorneys are trying to dismiss the lawsuit based on secret legal arguments: “The government contends that the legal theory by which it would defend its behavior should be immune from debate in court.” It is saddening that the department that bears the name of justice continues to try and undermine it.

I guess its worth trying. If you don’t have to argue your legal theory, you can’t lose. Let’s hope the courts don’t buy into this bullshit.

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