Feb 172005

A group of American pilots who were beaten and abused by Saddam Hussein’s regime during the 1991 Persian Gulf War are now trying to collect the $1 billion from Iraq that a federal judge awarded them in 2003. The hang-up? The Bush administration has decided to fight the decision, leading a case against the former POWs that "pits the U.S. government squarely against its own war heroes and the Geneva Convention." The White House says Iraq, not the soldiers, needs the funds more urgently. Yet the administration does favor "awarding compensation to the Iraqi prisoners who were abused by the U.S. military at Abu Ghraib." Apparently when White House Press Secretary Scott McClellen said that "No amount of money can truly compensate these brave men and women for the suffering that they went through," he literally meant "no amount of money." The case has now been appealed to the U.S. Supreme Court.

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