Apr 292005

From Media Girl

beintolerant.jpgRyan Dobson, son of Focus on the Family founder James Dobson is a on a roll these days. “Chrsitian Rap” artist, author, evangelical heart-throb and all around hip dude, the younger Dobson is quite the renaissance man. In fact, Dobson has written a new book, just in time to take full advantage of pre-Rapture shopping season. “Be Intolerant” is the title of this soon to be classic primer on hate and it is clearly aimed at the rather vacuous minds of hip, young, evangelical dudes and chicks everwhere.

The book’s thesis attmpts to make the spiritual case for intolerance as a spiritual precept.The author supports his dubious assertion with the usual out of context and non sequitur scriptural references. Of course, being a “Chrsitian Rap” artist, Ryan is especially well equipped to convey the message of the Republikan Christ’s intolerance and judgement to today’s youth in their own language.

With a bleached out “do”, skateboard in hand and some really cool, “black dude” outfits, one can just imagine swarms of nubile little white, evangelical chicks ripping up their abstinence pledges in the front row of one of Dobson’s “rap” concerts.

Ryan Dobson is but a symptom of the malignancy that underlies the new tone of belligerance from the religious right. The idea that gays, Muslims and women who won’t shave their legs for Jesus can be bullied with impunity by Christians (and should be) is a pathetic testament to our collosal backslide on civil rights in general over the past several years.

This mealy mouthed idiot with his ridiculous,”Boyz2Men” haircut is the future of evangelical Christianity, such as it is. The fact that he slithered out from underneath his plush,Orange County rock to advocate for de facto persecution of sexual minorities is a telltale sign that we are now on terra nova, culturally speaking. Does anybody else out there sense the violent undertones in the new rhetoric?

When it’s all said and done, however, I have to confess that there are just a couple of things I haven’t quite figured out about Ryan Dobson, like the reason for his bitter hatred of gay people? I also can’t help but wonder why this 30’ish, good looking young man with such a flair for fashion lives alone, happily single in a county that just happens to be home to one of the highest concentrations of gay men in the country?

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