May 222005

Lay and I went to lunch today, and I was noticing this older African-American lady all dressed for church with a hat on. I was just thinking how seldom people wear hats on Sunday anymore. I guess I’m old fashioned, but there’s something about a lady dressed up for church or some other dressy occaision wearing a hat that just seems to complete the look.

I remember my Grandmother wearing hats to church. But I think I remember most how she never went out of the house without her white gloves. Even going to the grocery store she had her patent leather purse over her arm, and her white gloves. I remember granddaddy almost always wearing a hat when he went out somewhere.

Today, people wear ballcaps out all the time, and most don’t understand about taking them off inside. Maybe there’s been a change in the code of ethics around hats inside, but I still take mine off when I go in somewhere. I think I like hats with suits though. I guess it is considered old fashioned, but it does seem to just finish off an outfit…whether a man or a woman, but I really like seeing ladies wearing hats.

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  1. I love hats and nothing makes me feel more dressed than a nice hat. Our African-American sisters have kept a special tradition that seems to be getting revived just a little. Usually if I wear one to church, I’m the only one, but that’s okay too – I’ll set trends if I can. Of course I like them for fun as well, and will often wear them with jeans and capris.
    Now the white gloves. . . . nah!!!

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