Jun 222005

Reviving a major plank of his re-election campaign, President Bush called for a constitutional amendment banning same-sex marriage Tuesday.

The president’s address to the annual meeting of the Southern Baptist Convention — the fourth year in a row he has spoken to the conservative evangelical gathering — was crafted to rally the social religious conservatives who make up a crucial part of Bush’s governing coalition. He restated his commitment to issues dear to conservatives’ hearts, notably his opposition to same-sex marriage, abortion and research on human embryonic stem cells — a stance he calls the “culture of life.”

It’s like a broken record, ain’t it? You’d think by now that Chimpy’s pious, brain-dead following would wake up and smell the giant pile of cowdung that their Dear Leader is shoveling at them. But alas, no. They stand and cheer because the resurgence of the bash-the-homos theme gives them all hard-ons. For the Chimp and Chief, it’s one of his only cards to play now that:

  • DSM is blowing up in his face
  • his poll numbers are plummeting
  • his Social Security plan is going nowhere
  • the polls show people in favor of stem cell research
  • soldiers are shipping out to Iraq with no armor or adequate supplies
  • the body count continues to rise as IEDs and bombs go off at will
  • the Pentagon is scraping the bottom of the recruiting barrel
  • folks in his party are now bucking his policies (Iraq, Patriot Act)

So not surprisingly, he’s gotta go for an easy target. As mentioned here before, with no commies hiding in the closet anymore, he has to blame the world’s problems on some group…so, we drag out the queers. Everybody knows they’re the cause of all of society’s ills. And will he ever stop this "culture of life" crap? Who is still buying this godawful hokum? After the Schiavo fiasco, you’d think he’d get off that horse. <sigh> 

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