Jun 062005

Boy, was I ever mistaken about what’s going in Washington, D.C. and U.S. Congress. Last I heard, they were trying to pass anti-gay amendments to the Constitution, and certainly not interested in providing equal employment opportunity for gays and lesbians. That would, of course, be giving us "special rights.

According to one of the American Taliban’s spokespeople, Robert Knight, Director of the Culture and Family Institute, ""Because there are so many homosexuals in Washington, it’s a very aggressive community,You have national homosexual organizations headquartered here — like the Human Rights Campaign — that … wield tremendous influence on Congress." So now we weild tremedous influence over Congress. WOW! I sure missed that sea-change.

These people are so over the top. Granting gays and lesbians the most basic protections from discrimination is giving in the "homosexual agenda," and granting us "special rights." But check out this article and see the list of special tax incentives he wants for married heterosexual couples….oh, but only those with lots of children.

First of all, he says, states need to address the issue of divorce. "The states should reintroduce fault into their laws concerning divorce," Carlson suggests. "All government should treat marriage as a full economic partnership." Tax breaks and increasing the personal exemption would work wonders in that area, he says.

"Replace the existing dependent-care tax credit with a universal, indexed tax credit of $2,500 per child, ages birth to five," he says. "This credit would be available to all parents of pre-schoolers — both those with a parent full-time at home, and those purchasing substitute care."

So, all it will take to save the institution of marriage is to grant tax breaks that will encourage straight people to have children…since about $2,500 a year is all it takes to raise a child. This guy goes on to say that American’s need to be made to understand that one of our big problems is "de-population," So people need to be encouraged to have more children.

Please tell me I’m not the only person scared by these people?

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