Jun 222005

So you may be wondering why there hasn’t been much posting lately. I spent the past several days building  a test blog with all the plug-ins and functions I really wanted to use. I wanted to get a nice clean installation for this blog. I have not been following good practices, as I’ve implemented plug-ins and other functions directly on this blog without testing them fully.

Also, I’m building some additional blogs on the Smart Thoughts domain for some friends along with the other family blogs here on Masters Family. So I needed a standard configuration that I could deploy quickly, and have those blogs up with a very small effort. I think I’ve accomplished that.

You’re not going to see much different here on the front face of the blog, but a lot of things changed in administration. It is amazing the functionality people have created for this blog as simple to implement plug-ins. And even more amazing, they make them available free for all of us to use.

A few of the things you will see result from my fresh look at plugins include more information about movies. Lay and I go see a lot of movies, and I want to write more reviews. Also, there is a plug-in that will allow me to create a really nice catalog of our movie collection. I also found a very simple to use photo gallery plug-in, so I should be able to start loading pictures soon.

So, now we’re back in business here, and I do have some things I want to comment about, so expect to see the usual level of new postings here.

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