Jun 062005

You are not going to believe Gary Bauer’s latest complaint. Please, break out the tiny violin for this one.

…One pro-family leader is worried that American Christians could be facing a new form of inquisition. Gary Bauer of the Campaign for Working Families senses that anti-Christian feelings are on the rise among some segments of America. He says he is concerned that born-again believers could be facing tough days ahead. "I’m concerned about the possibility of real persecution in the United States toward conservative Christians," Bauer states. "Harper’s Magazine this week has a cover story entitled ‘The Religious Right’s War on America.’ So there’s a lot of rhetoric out there, very hateful rhetoric, aimed at traditional Christian conservatives — and that can be very dangerous." Many Christian leaders have expressed their worry over the increase in "hate speech" aimed at Christians and the lack of public uproar over it.

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