Jun 082005

Ah, remember the good old days when the Republicans in Congress were able to launch wholesale investigations of the President for selling "access." Oh wait, that’s now…except for the part about the Congressional investigations.

Of course Congress is turning a blind-eye to latest revelations about Norquist and Abramoff. Seems these lobbyists sold access to a couple of Indian Tribes to get some help with their labor regulations, so they can hold down costs. As we all know, Indian Casinos barely get by.

Apparently in 2001, Abramoff got two tribes to pay $25k each to sponsor an event for a group Norquist heads, and the price included a private meeting with W. You can read the whole story here.

Gees, I thought these Christian Right people, the American Taliban, were against gambling. Now we learn that their Crook ‘n Chief has been selling access to Casino operators. Interesting.

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