Jul 072005

They have adjusted the track of Dennis slightly more to the east again, so that means the projected track is even closer to the west coast of Florida. As it stands right, Key West lies directly on the projected path.

The high pressure is just pushing this thing to the west as much as originally expected. It pressure in the eye continues to drop according to the National Weather Service (NWS), and now they say Dennis could develop into a Category 4 storm. About the only hope for us here is that it current angle on Cuba means it will be over land slightly longer than the original projection…however, as previously noted, the Gulf waters are very warm, so it can regain strength quickly once it passes over Cuba.

NWS now says there may be some shearing, but that won’t start to affect the storm until it gets into the nothernmost part of the Gulf. This could get ugly.

I’ve gone out and bought the stuff I need to put together the cord needed to run the house via the generator I purchased earlier this year. I’ve started putting up some of the outside stuff so there’s not quite so much to do tomorrow. I’ll still have plenty of odds and ends to take care to prepare though.

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