Jul 062005

This NOT a fake story…I repeat, this is true. You can read the whole thing in the Orlando Sentinal. Apparently, a few years ago, against policy and at the behest of then Secretary of State and now U. S. Representative Kathryn Harris, the State Dept. of Agriculture had to test "Celectial Drops" as a possible cure for Citrus Canker.

Researchers worked with a rabbi and a cardiologist to test "Celestial Drops," promoted as a canker inhibitor because of its "improved fractal design," "infinite levels of order" and "high energy and low entropy."

But the cure proved useless against canker. That’s because it was water — possibly, mystically blessed water.

The "product is a hoax and not based on any credible known science," the state’s chief of entomology, nematology and plant pathology wrote to agriculture officials and fellow scientists after testing Celestial Drops in October 2001.

The initial push came from Harris. Harris, the granddaughter of legendary citrus baron Ben Hill Griffin Jr., said she was introduced to one of the product’s promoters, New York Rabbi Abe Hardoon, in 2000.

But Harris said Hardoon told her he was working with Israeli scientists who had developed a compound that made plants resistant to canker. Harris acted as intermediary and urged state agriculture officials to work with Hardoon and his associates.

"I met with those [Israeli] scientists," Harris said Friday. "They were confident they had a cure for canker."

While she claims to have "stepped back" after the introduction, and a state employee is feverishly working to back her story, the Sentinal goes on the report, State records, however, suggest Harris had a keen interest in the project.

She was repeatedly sent copies of the letters and memos bouncing between Florida canker officials and Hardoon. In August 2001, Harris herself jotted a note to Hardoon.

"I would love to see this work," it says.

Maybe she had used it on the voting machines in 2000. Could explain how they didn’t work so well.

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