Jul 272005

Senator Pat Roberts, chairman of the Senate Select Committee on Intelligence, announced that his committee will be "reviewing" the criminal probe by special prosecutor Patrick Fitzgerald of the White House leak of the identities of covert CIA agents.

Make note…he’s not talking about investigating the leak itself, he’s talking about investigating the investigator. Boy, has destruction politics devolved to a whole new level with the repubs in control. Keep in mind that Special Prosecutor Fitzgerald is, himself, a Republican. I guess someone maybe forgot to remind then Attorney General Ashcroft that it would be a bad idea to appoint a smart and honest person to the post….but then who would have thought any Republican would have fit that profile.

My guess is that Sen. Roberts is looking to throw the White House a lifeline on this one. Roberts could have the committee give Fitzgerald’s targets (Karl Rove, Lewis "Scooter" Libby, and others) congressional general immunity from prosecution in return for their testimony before Roberts’ committee. This was the method by which John Poindexter and Oliver North were able to avoid jail time for their roles in Iran-contra, their convictions being overturned by a federal appeals court because of their previously granted congressional immunity.

I was pretty sure all along that Rove had left himself an out.

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