Jul 022005

Justice Sandra Day O’Connor resigned from the Supreme Court yesterday. Despite being placed on the Court by arch-conservative Ronald Reagan, Justice O’Connor was often the swing vote maintaining some sanity and progressive thinking within the Court. Here thoughtful votes and reasoning, and her protection of civil rights will be sorely missed.

Few would characterize Justice O’Connor as a liberal — it might be a bit of a stretch even to label her a moderate, although the label fits when she’s compared to some other members of the federal judiciary — but she was too far to the left for Reverend Flip Benham, Director of Operation Save America, who is happy to see her go:

"Although we applaud her decision to step down and care for her ailing husband, her ‘swing-vote’ status on the Supreme Court over the issues of abortion and homosexual rights wrought more havoc upon our nation than our foreign enemies ever have."

All but branding Justice O’Connor as a terrorist is over the top, even for right wing extremists, but those are the folks President Bush will likely try to appease when he nominates her replacement. Frightening times lie ahead.

I realize the stated reason for her resignation is her ailing husband, I have to wonder. The Chief Justice is barely alive and aware, yet he hasn’t resigned. Justice O’Connor is, herself, not really experiencing any heath issues, and I’m sure is wealthy enough to ensure her husband has adequate care. I hate to be a consipiracy theorist, but I just have to wonder if she were not somehow forced out to allow Bush Co. and the Am Taliban to change the complexion of the court? Just a question….

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