Jul 252005

For some reason, starting this Spring, we had an extended family of some sort of tree frog move into the backyard. I’m assuming they’re tree frogs because they climb, and hang out in higher places during the day. I have two small speakers under the eve of the roof over the back deck, About eight of them manage to fold themselves in and around the speaker and its folds during the day.

At night, they come out to swim in the pool, lay their eggs, and boy do they make some serious noise. Its enough to sometimes wake you from sound sleep, and I’ve had to turn up the TV to cover their noise.

Late last night Lay was still up after I went to bed, and I heard some unusual scuffling outside. I got up and headed to the back room, only to find Lay outside with a flash light, the small pool skimmer net, and a flip flop. He’d gone outside to relax in the hot tub, but the frog noises were so bad he went on a murderous tear knocking out the frogs. He claims he got about six or eight with the flip flop.

I got two myself this evening while putting in some new plants. Lay left them laying around to serve as a warning to the other frogs. I have to admit, I’m sitting here in the back room, and I haven’t heard a frog all night.

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  1. I shall try to keep Scott from reading this – he so enjoyed listening to the frogs when we were there! His early morning time for prayer and reflection is special to him, and he really enjoyed having that time around your pool with just him, his coffee, the frogs and God. I, on the other hand, can understand how the entire frog community could cause one to go postal!

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