Jul 202005

Hewlett-Packard Co. said Tuesday it will cut 14,500 jobs. I am sorry for the people affected, but I’m also wondering if the job cuts include any of the people I ‘ve run into in my dealings with HP:

  • Supervisor of Telling Me There Is No Such Model As The One Right In Front Of Me.
  • Liaison for Transferring Me To The Wrong Department.
  • Lead Technician For making we wait a week to get reinstallation OS disks.
  • Director of Attitude.
  • Vice-President for Suckering Me Into two DOA replacement PCs.
  • Director of Blame Outsourcing.
  • Assistant Director of Not Being Able To Find My Warranty Information.
  • Chief Vendor Finger-Pointer.
  • Patronizer-in-Chief/Acting Superior.

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