Jul 062005

Wow! Here it is already Wednesday. So what did you do for the July 4th weekend? We had a fun time here, but it sure seemed hectic.

Friday afternoon, Lay brought his three nephews over. There are two six year olds and one four year old. They are a handful, but a lot of fun and very cute.

Friday night we went out to City Side. City Side is a local gay bar. It’s a small place that used to be really packed during happy hour on Friday’s. Unlike most gay bars, City Side would be full by 7:30pm. The crowd has shifted to a bit later for some reason, but Friday night was a very fun night. The bar wasn’t packed, but there were people there we see often, and lots of friends we hadn’t seen in a long time. So getting a chance to catch up was a lot of fun. It was a very familiar and comfortable place Friday night.

Lay had to work Saturday morning, so we didn’t do a lot Saturday, but his having to get up at 6am was enough. Sunday we had a cookout at a friend’s place, then a bunch of us went to the tea dance at the Suncoast Resort. Suncoast is a big gay hotel/entertainment complex in St. Pete. Sunday afternoon’s its the place to be, and its especially crowded on Sunday’s before a Monday holiday.

Monday morning we rode with our friends Mike and Jeff to Webster, FL. That’s about an hour north of Tampa. There’s a huge flea market there, but strangely, its only open on Monday’s. That evening, we had leftovers at Mike and Jeff’s, and then played some cards.

All-in-all, a pretty good weekend, but then its always a good time when you get to spend it with a bunch of friends.

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