Aug 072005

This was kind of a busy weekend around the house. I was on the road a few days at the end of last week, and will most likely be on the road three days this coming week, so there was a lot to get done.

I mowed and edged the yard, along with some other yard work cleanup and such. Then I had a lot to do in the house as well. Did a bunch of laundry and some big time house cleaning. Lay was working on his car this weekend. He “re-piped” the turbo, and that became a big deal.

Friday night, we went out to City Side and had a few drinks. Lay andMike (a friend of ours) then went to Hardrock Casino and played some cards all night.

Saturday night, we went to dinner at Red Lobster, and then caught up with Mike and Jeff to watch the movie Hustle and Flow. Today was most of the house work. Its a good thing I had most of the inside stuff today, we had a pretty heavy rainstorm move through this afternoon. Then we went over to Lay’s parent’s to get his mom’s water bottles refilled.

This week will be hectic with work, but at least I’ll have little housework to do next weekend. If all goes well during the week, I may try to blow off Friday and actually head to beach.

We paid a little attention to the NINTH named storm of the season, Irene, this weekend. It looks as if Irene will remain a tropical storm and stay well away from any landfall, even staying east of Bermuda. On average, by this point in the hurricane season, there have been two named storms. Irene is the ninth named storm for this year, and beats the previous record for nine storms by 13 days. (And Bush says we’re not screwing up the weather with global warming….Ahhh, W. warm weather and warm water create hurricanes.)

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