Aug 112005

ThinkProgress has the audio from a radio show interview this morning with Cindy Sheehan, the mother of a soldier killed in Iraq who’s in Crawford, TX asking W to give her an explanation. As usual, the right wing smear machine got into to full gear to try to disparage this woman, even though she’s given the greatest sacrifice.

This lady is on top of it, and not to be dissuaded by the Administration’s slime machine.  One of the more underhanded smears launched by the right wing came when Michelle Malkin said she didn’t think Casey Sheehan, Cindy’s son killed in Iraq, would approve of what his mom was doing. This morning Sheehan responded:

“I didn’t know Casey knew Michelle Malkin…I’m Casey’s mother and I knew him better than anybody else in the world…I can’t bring Casey back, but I wonder how often Michelle Malkin sobbed on his grave. Did she go to his funeral? Did she sit up with him when he was sick when he was a baby?”

It is just incredible how low these people can sink. If W is so secure in his decision, why can’t he invite her in, and give her a sound reason for the sacrifice she’s made?

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  1. w isnt secure in his decision to do anytthing …except to raise gas prices and profits in his pocket

  2. ‘W’ is simply the Lord of the Assholes. He doesn’t get it. I am ashamed of him as the President of our great country.

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