Aug 242005

thumb-Katrina5.gifThe weekend is coming up and our friends Jeff and Mike are headed to visit family in PA, so there must be a hurricane on the way. Sure enough, Katrina, now a tropical storm, is moving slowly through the Bahamas and headed to South Florida.

Right now, the National Weather Service has Katrina becoming a Hurricane around 2 a.m. Friday just before landfall in the Miami/Ft. Lauderdale area. They are expecting a building low pressure to stear the storm pretty much westerly across south Florida and back into the Gulf around Naples Saturday morning. Then the storm is going to turn north and head up along the coast, regaining hurricane strength, and, on the current forecast track, head right into the Florida Pan Handle again. Just what those folks need.

Because Katrina is expected to be pretty slow moving, the rain could be very heavy, and since it’ll be making this northerly turn and running up the coast, Tampa could be getting a pretty soaking from Friday evening all the way through Sunday night.

On top of Katrina, there’s another tropical wave moving into the Atlantic off Africa. I’m not the expert, but Katrina has been pretty loose and disorganized. This one already is looking pretty well organized.

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